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Raddi Esthetics is conveniently located near Universal City Station in Osaka and provides professional esthetics to both foreign and Japanese women. Keep your body and skin healthy with a facial, or massage. Keep yourself feeling feminine with natural wax hair removal. Or, treat yourself to a full beauty regimen including treatments such as those above as well as pedicures, eyelash tinting, foot massage, and Balinese head massage. All appointments are made by reservation, so call today for yours !



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Maggie Rose

Prior to my first appointment, I remember reading reviews in an attempt to calm my nerves. Each was incredibly reassuring and encouraging, but they almost seemed too good to be true. Let me tell you, not only is she incredibly skilled, Raddi has such an incredible gift of making her clients feel so comfortable, safe, and educated on the process. Her calming presence, attention to detail, and gentle touch make each visit enjoyable and stress-free (and even pain-free). I’m so grateful to know I’m in such good hands during each visit. I never thought I’d say this… but I do, in fact, I look forward to each wax!




For over 9 years I’ve been

For over 9 years I’ve been seeing Raddi for the best waxing in town! My first appointment was on August 7, 2004! There won’t be a last. 😉 She is not only an amazing and talented esthetician but a very good and trusted friend as well. ((LOVE))
Angela Saeki

I visited Raddi yesterday

I visited Raddi yesterday for a waxing appointment. A half leg, brazilian and underarm took only an hour and her skill was unlike any other waxing beautician I had encountered before. She is precise and painless and has a gift for making you feel at ease and interested in talking to her (unlike many beauticians in the UK whose topics are limited to holiday enquiries, hair extensions and boyfriends)

I will be visiting her for the rest of my time in Japan for all manner of treatments.

A real testament to her profession.

French bikini! I’m from

French bikini!

I’m from Italy and today was my first time at Raddi’s Salon. It’s very easy to find, just a few minutes (seconds?) walk from the Universal City Station and the atmosphere is really cosy and relaxing. Raddi is great, speaks fluent English and knows how to make you feel at ease.
Today I also had my first French bikini wax, and even though I was a bit scared that it might be VERY painful, Raddi was delicate and it didn’t hurt at all. And during the wax we had a nice chat, so it wasn’t embarrassing.

I highly recommend her to you, and I think I’ll surely be there again next month for another french bikini wax (or maybe brasilian, who knows!) and I think I might add a basic facial treatment 🙂

Eyelashes and Eyebrows!

Eyelashes and Eyebrows!

I have been going to Raddi for a few years now and thought I should recommend what I always have done, eyelash and eyebrow tinting.

As a natural blonde I have very piggy eyes without mascara and no discernable eyebrows. I can’t be bothered with make-up so I go to Raddi about once a month to have them dyed.

It makes a huge difference and although I pay for it, the last time I was there I told her it really is like a public service that she’s doing as it really changes how you look and feel.

She is very patient, professional and kind. I really enjoy my appointments. I’ve been having my eyelashes tinted for over half my life now and been to many different places, so I know what I’m talking about when I say that she knows what she’s doing, is reasonably priced and does a good job!

Thank you!

Very highly recommended.

Very highly recommended.

I have been waxing since I was in college (a long time!). I honestly can say that in all the different places I’ve lived, and all the aestheticians I’ve visited, Hayat is absolutely the best! She not only is professional, but she always does a complete job. I have quite sensitive skin, and it gets red easily when I am waxed. Even with this difficulty, she’s able to find every last hair and get rid of it. That’s never happened before, or since. I’m addicted!

I’ve also had manicures and facials, and loved them too.

Raddi has so many options on

Raddi has so many options on her menu, I like trying something different with each new season. But the one thing I always try to include is a treatment for skincare, since over the past year my skin has cleared up amazingly with Raddi’s advice and care! I have combination skin which is also sensitive, so I had all but resigned myself to regular breakouts and redness. It was like a fresh start when I started using the non-alcohol Phytomer products (I especially love the Eau Marine toner and Douceur Marine moisturizer for face). I’ve tried a variety of products over many years (some quite expensive!) but the change was visible when I started consulting with Raddi about my skin.

Not only an expert in skincare, I brought a friend of mine to Raddi who tried eyelash curling and loved the results. They lasted perfectly the entire time she was visiting Japan (three weeks) and she claimed she could “see better” even when she went home!

I myself never trust anyone but Raddi to fix my eyebrows. Some salons (especially in Japan) just trim or produce shapeless lines. I always had trouble trying to even out each side, but Raddi somehow manages to create the perfect arches I could never achieve on my own.

If you aren’t sure what product or treatment is right for you, just speak to Raddi, she will totally find the perfect fit for your beauty regimen.

I first went to Raddi Esthe

I first went to Raddi Esthe because I wanted nicer skin. I did not have a specific treatment in mind, but to Raddi’s suggestion we did the moisturizing one. My skin felt a lot fresher right after the treatment, and when I asked her if she can recommend any creams she also gave me samples of a cleaner and a cream she suggested. The next time I went we had a cleaning facial. The most amazing part was that she did not squeeze my face, but used a machine that sucked the dirt/blackheads out, and it did not hurt a bit. I also bought the cleaner and the cream she recommended, because they work just perfectly, although I have very sensitive skin.
Raddi as a personally is super nice, and the clinic is clean and has a very pleasant, relaxing atmosphere. I can only recommend it to everyone!

Abszolút profin végzi a munkáját, nagyon jó tanácsokat adott arcbőr kezelésre. Az arctisztító, toner és krém, amiket nála vettem, nagyon jók. És a gyantája is sokkal tovább tart simán, mint bármelyik, amelyiket Magyarországon próbáltam. Nagyon ajánlom!

Tünde, Hungary

It’s a real pleasure !

It’s a real pleasure and treat to go to Raddie’s salon. I have been going there for quite a few years and I always feel wonderful after having been there.

I regularly have facials and have been really pleased with the results. Before going to Raddie’s I was really unhappy with my skin but in the time I have been going there,I have seen a huge improvement in the condition of my skin.
As I have very sensitive skin prone to various problems, finding Raddie has been great. She’s really helped me and given me the best treatment everytime I’ve visited.
She’s really knowledgeable and able to recommend the best products and treatment to suit you and your skin.

She uses the Phytomer range and you are able to buy products from her to use at home. I’ve been really happy with the products I’ve bought from her.She only ever recommends products she thinks will really help and benefit you.
Recently, I’ve been using the “Doceur Marine Soothing Cocoon Mask” and exfoliator and I have also used the soothing day cream “Accept” too. All of these have been really good.

As it’s summer time and it’s sandal weather, like many ladies I wanted to have a pedicure and nail colour before venturing out in my sandals! I can definitely recommend having gel nails done at Raddie’s.
I started having gel nails last year and I loved them! 3 weeks ago I had gel nails done in a lovely shimmering red “harmony”. The brand of nail colour she uses is “gelish” and the colour stays for up to 7 weeks on me without any fading or chipping. So I can feel confident wearing my sandals knowing I have pretty, shiny toes!
She’s got a wide range of colors to choose from and has the latest fashionable colors.
As I really like my toenails, I’m keen to have my fingernails done too. I think this might be the next thing I try!

Whatever treatment you want, I can highly recommend Raddie. She doesn’t only do the treatment you ask her for, but you are able to ask her advice about different things regarding your skin care or other beauty treatments. She willing gives you her advice too and this I have appreciated many times as it has always helped.

I have been going to Raddi

I have been going to Raddi Esthetics for many years, and I have nothing but very positive things to say about Raddi Hayat. She is very professional, she takes the time to do the job right, and she is very friendly and willing to listen to my specific needs about all her treatments. She is willing to recommend products, but is not pushy about trying to sell them. She knows what the products do and simply gives recommendations. (I should add that I usually do buy what she recommends, and I have not been disappointed with any of them yet. She uses the Phytomer product line, and, as a side note, a few that I really have found good for my skin and have purchased in multiples are the Ogenage Anti-Aging serum and, more recently, the Ogenage Toning Cleansing Emulsion. Both are really nice products!)

All of the treatments I have had are recommended, but some of my favorites are the gel nails, waxing (it’s hard to find good waxing in Osaka, so this is really important to me), foot care, and anti-aging facials. I started to get gel nails last summer after noticing how nice Raddi’s fingernails looked and asking her about them. At that time, I didn’t really do much with my fingernails, but I got gel toenails since it was sandal weather, and was very pleased with the results. I have even given the gift of gel nails to my friends! Very recently, I decided to try the gel fingernails, as Raddi had just introduced a new type of gel nails. If you haven’t tried gel nails, I REALLY recommend you have Raddi do gel nails (toes and/or fingernails). They last a long time, are very well done (Raddi is a perfectionist) and look shiny for a month without any chipping. Again, I am NOT a person who has cared about my fingernails (I usually just keep them short with no polish), but now I look like I really know what I am doing (when, in fact, it’s Raddi who really knows what she is doing!).

I am always pleased with the service, products and knowledge of new trends and products, and overall professionalism of Raddi Esthetics, and highly recommend her!

Raddi is very welcoming

Raddi is very welcoming, and you will be comfortable from the moment you enter her salon. Her waxing technique is very quick and almost painless. She has a lovely character and many travel stories to tell. Happy to find such a great beautician, and very reasonable prices.

My family lives in Osaka

My family lives in Osaka and I make sure I come through to see Raddi whenever I’m in town. Appointments are easy to make, great service and extremely professional –




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