It’s a real pleasure !

It’s a real pleasure and treat to go to Raddie’s salon. I have been going there for quite a few years and I always feel wonderful after having been there.

I regularly have facials and have been really pleased with the results. Before going to Raddie’s I was really unhappy with my skin but in the time I have been going there,I have seen a huge improvement in the condition of my skin.
As I have very sensitive skin prone to various problems, finding Raddie has been great. She’s really helped me and given me the best treatment everytime I’ve visited.
She’s really knowledgeable and able to recommend the best products and treatment to suit you and your skin.

She uses the Phytomer range and you are able to buy products from her to use at home. I’ve been really happy with the products I’ve bought from her.She only ever recommends products she thinks will really help and benefit you.
Recently, I’ve been using the “Doceur Marine Soothing Cocoon Mask” and exfoliator and I have also used the soothing day cream “Accept” too. All of these have been really good.

As it’s summer time and it’s sandal weather, like many ladies I wanted to have a pedicure and nail colour before venturing out in my sandals! I can definitely recommend having gel nails done at Raddie’s.
I started having gel nails last year and I loved them! 3 weeks ago I had gel nails done in a lovely shimmering red “harmony”. The brand of nail colour she uses is “gelish” and the colour stays for up to 7 weeks on me without any fading or chipping. So I can feel confident wearing my sandals knowing I have pretty, shiny toes!
She’s got a wide range of colors to choose from and has the latest fashionable colors.
As I really like my toenails, I’m keen to have my fingernails done too. I think this might be the next thing I try!

Whatever treatment you want, I can highly recommend Raddie. She doesn’t only do the treatment you ask her for, but you are able to ask her advice about different things regarding your skin care or other beauty treatments. She willing gives you her advice too and this I have appreciated many times as it has always helped.