I first went to Raddi Esthe

I first went to Raddi Esthe because I wanted nicer skin. I did not have a specific treatment in mind, but to Raddi’s suggestion we did the moisturizing one. My skin felt a lot fresher right after the treatment, and when I asked her if she can recommend any creams she also gave me samples of a cleaner and a cream she suggested. The next time I went we had a cleaning facial. The most amazing part was that she did not squeeze my face, but used a machine that sucked the dirt/blackheads out, and it did not hurt a bit. I also bought the cleaner and the cream she recommended, because they work just perfectly, although I have very sensitive skin.
Raddi as a personally is super nice, and the clinic is clean and has a very pleasant, relaxing atmosphere. I can only recommend it to everyone!

Abszolút profin végzi a munkáját, nagyon jó tanácsokat adott arcbőr kezelésre. Az arctisztító, toner és krém, amiket nála vettem, nagyon jók. És a gyantája is sokkal tovább tart simán, mint bármelyik, amelyiket Magyarországon próbáltam. Nagyon ajánlom!

Tünde, Hungary