Indulge your skin with a moisturizing bath, refresh your eyes, firm your features, illuminate and oxygenate your complexion… restore your skin to full health… and of course, look beautiful and radiant! Phytomer’s facial treatments meet your expectations for enhancing your natural beauty. Our range of treatments allows for custom recommendations. Our objective is to be able to respond to every issue and adapt our treatments to meet any request.

We offer 3 treatment durations:


Depending on the characteristics of your skin, the treatment formula can be adjusted to achieve 4 different benefits:
– Moisturizing treatment for all skin types
– Purifying treatment for combination, oily and problem skin
– Soothing treatment for sensitive and blotchy skin
– Rejuvenating treatment for mature skin

In addition to these treatments, EYE DELIGHT is also available (30 minutes) as is FACIAL BRIGHTENING TREATMENT (90 minutes)

Treatment (facial types) Min. Price
60 ¥5000
75 ¥6500
90 ¥7500
60 ¥6000
75 ¥7500
90 ¥8500
60 ¥6000
75 ¥7500
90 ¥8500
60 ¥8000
75 ¥9000
90 ¥9500
60 ¥6000
75 ¥7500
90 ¥8500
Casmara Facials






Eyelash Tinting

It solves the problem of messy mascara, only takes about 30 minutes and lasts over a month!

Eyelash Curling
Bring out your beautiful eyes! An Eyelash perm takes only about an hour and brightens the look of your eyes.

Eyebrow Tattoo
Eyebrow tattooing will darken existing eyebrows or let you have those perfect eyebrows every day without the hassle of reshaping or using messy eyebrow pencils to draw them in.



Treatment Price
 Eyelash Tinting ¥2500
 Eyelash Curling ¥4000
 Eyebrow Tattoo ¥40000
Men’s Treatments
 Eyelash Tinting ¥2500
 Eyebrow Tinting ¥3000







Do you hold your tension in your shoulders, your lower back or elsewhere? Skillful hands can find it. How about a foot massage to release your tension? Treat yourself to a massage.








Treatment Min. Price
Head Massage
plus Foot Bath
50 ¥5500
Neck and Shoulder Massage 10 ¥1000
20 ¥2000
30 ¥3000
Full Leg or
Aroma Oil
Leg Massage
30 ¥3500
40 ¥4500
50 ¥5500
60 ¥6500
Full Body or
Aroma Oil Body Massage
60 ¥6500
70 ¥7500
80 ¥8500
Foot Massage 20 ¥2000







-Satin salt body Exfoliation 70 Min 7500Yen
-Spa peeling body Exfoliation 70 Min 6500Yen

Exfoliation with salt crystals combined with a moisturizing massage for an express beautifying treatment that leaves the skin soft and silky.
A whole-body exfoliation using a sugary, sleek texture. A soothing body massage with lightly perfumed moisturizing milk provides a perfect finishing touch to this treatment.

-Spa Peeling Body Exfoliation & Mist Sauna 75 Min 7500Yen.
-Spa Peeling Body Exfoliation + 50 Min Body Massage. 1H 45 Min 10500 Yen.
-Body Exfoliation+Mist Sauna+ 50 Min Body Massage. 2H 12000Yen.

Results: Luminous, moisturized and relaxed skin.




A choice of 3 high-performance marine body wraps combined with a complete body massage to help eliminate toxins, break down fat or re-invigorate skin tissues.
This treatment is based on the renowned esthetical technique of heat wrapping. Gentle exfoliation using a marine sponge at the start of the treatment stimulates the epidermis. The selected marine wrap is then applied to the whole body and is activated by a gentle warmth diffused by a heated blanket. A total body massage at the end of the “cocoon” treatment leaves you beautifully relaxed and rehydrated.
Results: Depending on which wrap has been used, the body is visibly purified, refined or invigorated.

-Marine Body wrap —-> Detox Program 6500Yen
(Detoxifying:stimulates sweating for improved elimination of toxins)
(Contouring:Stimulates the lipolysis)

-Marine Body wrap —-> Contour Program 6500Yen
(Encourages the elimination of fat.Detoxifies the tissues)

-Marine Body wrap —-> Remineralizing Program 6500Yen
(Revitalizing and relaxing)
(The body mask contains essential oils:Ylang-ylang,Lavender,Sage,Sandalwood…)

– Your choice of 3 Marine Body wrap + Body Massage 11000Yen~




A holistic journey into the heart of PHYTOMER DNA to recharge the body’s batteries.
Deeply relaxing and re-energizing, this new body treatment offers a unique multisensorial experience based on OLIGOMER®, PHYTOMER’S mythic active ingredient with remineralizing and fortifying benefits.
Its specific massage produces a fully encompassing holistic approach from the tips of the toes to the ends of the hair. It provides perfect balance between light strokes and presses and between deep tissue massage and a gentle hand massage for an instant rejuvenating effect and incomparable relaxation.
Results: your body is relaxed, re-energized and deeply revitalized.

-Mineral Body Exfoliation 30 Min and 60 Min Full Body Massage(Salicorne Oil & Marine criste oil)
90 min 10500Yen.

-Full body massage only ~60Min 7500Yen.







Gelish color gel gel-polish is the latest trend seen on celebrity hands this past awards season.

Now, Gelish is available at Raddi Esthe salon.

Gelish was the first-ever gel-polish fusion, invented, patented and perfected by nail Olympian Danny Haile, founder of the international beauty company Hand & Nail Harmony.

The idea behind Gelish gel-polish was simple yet scientifically complex: invent a brush-on nail lacquer that goes on like polish, yet stays on like gel…lasts and lasts and lasts, for 21 days of glorious, shiny, polished perfection.

Also there’s no odor, no damage to natural nails, no wasted time waiting for it to be applied or dry: Gelish light-cures in seconds (20 seconds in an LED lamp, a few minutes in a UV lamp), so you’re all set and ready to dig in your purse for your keys and get out the door fast.

Or, for gorgeous feet, even if you’ll be walking on beach sand, a Gelish pedicure is ideal: not only does Gelish dry shiny in mere minutes, but it will also stay that way — no matter what.

Of course, movie & TV stars, singers, supermodels, celebrities, fashion-shoot stylists and their beauty teams LOVE Gelish (it stays gorgeous for 3 weeks…lasts until it’s taken it off…) and is odor-free, slim, beautiful and easy to maintain, great for fills, too.

For many of us, a nail-salon or spa appointment is a time to interact with a favorite nail technician and get a little princess-style pampering time all to ourselves.

But, oftentimes, that pleasant visit can be marred by malodorous chemicals, a long wait for nails or toes to dry, or, worst of all, turn to frustrated despair about wasted money when the shiny, glossy manicure that looked so gorgeous walking out of the salon on Saturday is all dull, cracked, peeling and ruined by Wednesday.

Those negative experiences are now a thing of the past…with Gelish, “the Permanent Manicure.”

And, a Gelish maintenance fill is odor-free, quick and easy, goes on to nails right from the brush in the bottle thinner, slimmer, gorgeous…just so, so much better than any other product.

Treatment Price
 Nail Care
file, buff, cuticles
 Nail Care + color ¥3500
 Nail Care + color
+ hand treatment
 Nail Care + color
+ half arms
 Nail Care + color
+ half arms
 base/color off ¥500
 file and buff ¥1000
 cuticle clean ¥1500
 hand treatment ¥1000
 half arms treatment ¥1500
 base coat ¥500
 color ¥1500
 half arms massage ¥2500
  Gel Nails
 Gel Nail (clear)
+nail care
 Gel Nail (lame)
+nail care
 Gel Nail (color)
+nail care
 Gel Nail (french)
+nail care
 Pedicure care(foot bath,Filing,
buffing,Base coat)
 Pedicure care
+ Gel nail color
 Foot care (Foot bath,
remove callous + massage)






Looking for a simple, relaxing way to get some great health benefits? Try the FIR Sauna dome –

The deep heating of the dome makes you perspire, clearing toxins from your body.Improved Circulation: The heat improves circulation to help transport the toxins to the lymph system and also provide the body more oxygen.Immune System Boost: With the improved circulation and lymph-draining, Your immune system receives the same boost that a fever gives you.

Increases Fat-Burning: The intensity of a light workout is increased by following with a dome treatment.




At Raddi Esthe, you can get lipline and eyebrow tattoos right in the salon, and with a one week reservation, you can get that butterfly tattoo that you have always wanted. Maybe it is a rose, or a Kanji you would like. Perhaps you have your own design? No matter what you are looking for in a tattoo, you can get it by reserving at Raddi Esthetics. With prices starting at just 15000 yen, why not do it now?

Just take a look at some of the examples here…