I have been going to Raddi

I have been going to Raddi Esthetics for many years, and I have nothing but very positive things to say about Raddi Hayat. She is very professional, she takes the time to do the job right, and she is very friendly and willing to listen to my specific needs about all her treatments. She is willing to recommend products, but is not pushy about trying to sell them. She knows what the products do and simply gives recommendations. (I should add that I usually do buy what she recommends, and I have not been disappointed with any of them yet. She uses the Phytomer product line, and, as a side note, a few that I really have found good for my skin and have purchased in multiples are the Ogenage Anti-Aging serum and, more recently, the Ogenage Toning Cleansing Emulsion. Both are really nice products!)

All of the treatments I have had are recommended, but some of my favorites are the gel nails, waxing (it’s hard to find good waxing in Osaka, so this is really important to me), foot care, and anti-aging facials. I started to get gel nails last summer after noticing how nice Raddi’s fingernails looked and asking her about them. At that time, I didn’t really do much with my fingernails, but I got gel toenails since it was sandal weather, and was very pleased with the results. I have even given the gift of gel nails to my friends! Very recently, I decided to try the gel fingernails, as Raddi had just introduced a new type of gel nails. If you haven’t tried gel nails, I REALLY recommend you have Raddi do gel nails (toes and/or fingernails). They last a long time, are very well done (Raddi is a perfectionist) and look shiny for a month without any chipping. Again, I am NOT a person who has cared about my fingernails (I usually just keep them short with no polish), but now I look like I really know what I am doing (when, in fact, it’s Raddi who really knows what she is doing!).

I am always pleased with the service, products and knowledge of new trends and products, and overall professionalism of Raddi Esthetics, and highly recommend her!